Manara Institute for Islamic & Arabic Studies is an academic institution designed for the Islamic sciences, Arabic language, and academic research especially relating to Muslims in the United States of America.
The idea of establishing the institute was a result of Imams’ efforts to host educational workshops and academic courses in masjids (mosques) for those concerned with general Islamic work, and those who aspire to increase their knowledge-base of Islam to further their understanding of the role that Islam and Muslims play in establishing human civilization: on the basis of justice, equality, and cooperation.

These academic courses served as an advanced educational stage for the academic and educational services provided by the masjids (mosques) to the general public. They also served as specialized courses in specific academic fields needed by Muslims living in the United States.

The small operation of workshops and courses grew into the idea to establish an institution that would produce teachers, imams, and chaplains who had excellent understanding of Islamic knowledge as well as the ability to effectively relay these religious teachings. The practice of importing educators and imams from the Muslim world was no longer a viable option because of the logistical difficulties, also many of the scholars from overseas needed significant amount to time to understand and properly address the American people.

This directed the founders towards establishing this institute, to be the first specialized institute for Islamic and Arabic studies in the northeastern United States.

Manara Institute was founded in December of 2015. The first semester of study in Manara Institute began in the Spring of 2016. Manara Institute was officially licensed by the New Jersey Higher Education Office in July 2018.

The reason behind establishing the Institute was the urgent need for proper academic preparation for imams, chaplains, educators and workers in the field of Islamic work; to clarify the sound Islamic approach, to address ambiguous matters, to face challenges, and to share with others the building of a unified world and human decency.

To fulfill its mission, Manara Institute is based on the approach of moderation and clemency, authenticity and contemporariness, and participation in the construction of human civilization through Islamic values.