Financial Help @ Manara

Manara Grant Policies and Criteria

composed, reviewed, and agreed upon by Manara Financial Aid Committee, Oct 2017

Who qualifies to apply for a financial discount for his/her tuition?

Policies regarding applicant:

1. Applicant must have NO outstanding balance for previous semesters.
2. Applicant must have enrollment status as follow:
i)  for undergrad programs, student must be registered not less than three courses
ii) for graduate program, student must be registered not less than two courses
3. Applicant must have good academic standing, not less than 80 (-B)

If applicant is missing any of the above, then application is not accepted.

How does Manara Financial Aid Committee process and make decisions regarding the received Financial Aid applications?

Policies regarding granting discount to applicants:

  1. Applicant must be qualified to request a discount, according to the policies above.

  2. Applicant must complete and submit Manara Financial Aid Application. Applications with missing info will not be processed.

  3. Applicant must submit necessary documents requested along with the application. Ex, Tax return, Mortgage. Applications missing necessary documents will not be processed

  4. Beside the above, the application with the documents submitted must show financial hardship to be able to grant the applicant a level of discount.

More policies regarding Tuition Discount:

  1. Manara Financial Aid Committee upon processing each application, might grant NO discount, or grant as up to as 50% discount, pending the level of financial hardship that each application shows.

  2. The maximum discount that can be granted is 50%. No, application will be granted more than the maximum.

  3. Senior citizen students of age 60 years or older are qualified to receive 50% discount, if an application was submitted.

  4. Each application submitted is to cover one academic year only.

  5. To submit a new application or to renew for a new academic year: New academic year applications will be available at our offices, to be completed and submitted, between Feb 15 through end of March of every year. Applications submitted after this period, will not be accepted.