The Muslim communities in New Jersey, New York and the tristate area have been rapidly growing over the last two decades. Although there are a number of Islamic educational institutions and places of worship in these areas, Muslim communities are projected to continue growing and there are not enough programs to accommodate this expansion. In fact, the New York and New Jersey communities are lacking any official Islamic Studies and Arabic programs. Manara Institute is officially licensed as an Educational institution by the office of Higher Education of New Jersey to offer:

Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies- General Track

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies-Imam Track

Associate’s Degree in Islamic Studies

Certificate of Arabic as a Foreign Language

Certifciate of English as a Second Language

In that capacity, Manara Institute has proudly taken on its shoulder the responsibility to design and teach these programs that train and produce qualified clergy, Imams, and teachers based on the particular needs and customs of the Muslim community living in the U.S. Furthermore, Manara Institute offers the average Muslim community member the opportunity to increase their Islamic knowledge by taking individual courses and/or workshops and that is of course in addition to earning a degree in Islamic Studies.

Manara Institute is distinguished in:

  • The only Islamic institution that is licensed as an educational institution by a government authority.

  • All courses are offered face-to-face, synchronous (online live) and asynchronous (recorded & posted online to be watched at a later time).

  • Classes are taught in Arabic or English

  • Highly Qualified Instructors

  • Offer classes at various locations in New Jersey and New York. In addition, the online component makes it easier for anyone to join from anywhere.

  • Extremely Competitive tuition and fees.